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Quartzsite is a small town in the Arizona desert off I-10 that is surrounded by BLM land, only about 22 miles from the southern California border and 100 miles from Mexico. While normally just another desert community during the summer, it starts filling up in October with winter RV snowbirds seeking to avoid snow shovels and heating bills. The local population swells from as little as 3,000 to over 2 million.

The real influx happens in January when the annual RV swap meets occurs. The swap meets takes over the entire town with hundreds of vendors selling anything from common house tools and cooking gear to specialized wares for RVers including RVs.  Thankfully, there are plenty of RV parks in town or nearby and lots of BLM land where RVers can boondock without utilities free or nearly free.



This is a question often asked by people unfamiliar with the area.

Most importantly, it is warm there all winter. They do get rain and wind storms which can sometimes be brutal in the desert but it is enticingly warm during the day there and you won’t see a snow shovel anywhere.

The camping is inexpensive. For $180 pass, you can camp there for 7 months on BLM land with no utilities. If you have a self-contained rig with solar panels on the roof, you’re set. Some of the Long-Term Visitor Areas offer sewer dump sites, water to fill your tank, and possibly portable toilets. Cell and internet works very well in many places several local businesses now offer free WI-FI.



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There are also a number of private RV Parks, Campgrounds & Mobile Homes, in Quartzsite, as well as some pay showers and a couple laundrymats. Take the time to drive around the area and see what there is that might be going on. You will meet plenty of RVers who can help with any questions.

T0 see a list of these CLICK HERE

Quartzsite BLM - Free Camping

Many RVers trek to AZ during the winter months, to camp in the desert in designated Bureau of Land Management areas.

Those who have made the trip are familiar with the various BLM locations and may even have a favorite stretch of desert to pull into. If you are doing the "Quartzsite thing" for the first time, a bit of an orientation to the area may be helpful. Quartzsite consists of the area surrounding the four corners where Interstate 10 and U.S. Highway 95 intersect. There are two roads which parallel I-10: Main Street runs north of 10 and Kuehn Street runs south of 10. 

Free camping not to exceed 14 days in a 28-day period is permitted in non-fee Quartzsite BLM areas. These areas are a bit further away from the four corner intersection of Quartzsite.  Get specific current info and driving directions at the BLM site:

  • Plomosa Road: Off 95 north of Quartzsite on north and south sides of Plomosa Road.
  • Hi Jolly/MM112: About 3 miles north of Quartzsite on US Highway 95. 
  • Dome Rock Mountain: West from Quartzsite about 6 miles.
  • Scaddan Wash: About 3.5 miles east of Quartzsite. 
  • Road Runner: On the west side of US 95, about 5 miles south of Quartzsite.


What to do once you get there? Once settled on your piece of Quartzsite BLM's off to the shows. Mostly it's about meeting new and old friends out in the desert. And browsing the vendors' wares at the shows and in various flea markets.

You can make the climb to the top of Q Mountain for a nice view, visit Hi Jolly's grave site, or take a day trip to see some petro glyphs. Count on being dusty - you won't be disappointed. Relax and enjoy the sunny skies and warm to moderate winter temperatures.

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